Pastured Poultry CSA  6 Month Investment (July - December 2021)

Pastured Poultry CSA 6 Month Investment (July - December 2021)

Chicken parts and a dozen eggs delivered every other week

The Pastured Poultry CSA contains 4 lbs of chicken parts (bone-in breasts, legs & thighs, and wings) and a dozen eggs at a discounted rate.  This will be delivered every other week for 6 months (July - December or January - June), for a total of 12 deliveries, at $40 per pickup or $9/person/meal.

We offer CSA subscriptions to provide discounts that come with bulk purchases, without your needing a large amount of freezer space. As an extra incentive to sign up for one of our numerous CSA subscriptions now available, you will receive, in return: a free farm tour, a free edition of A Farmer's Almanac (Stories about Land, Food, and Life), $20 off your order for a Thanksgiving turkey, and automatic membership in the Earthworm Society! So, sign up now for a great offer, secure your source of food, support your local farmer, and become a partner with Grassroots Farm & Foods.