CSA Programs and Bulk Purchasing

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a concept that connects Grassroots to faithful customers more closely. It invites customers to subscribe to our harvest ahead of time, with a generous cost advantage to you and added security for us. As you will see, the more you invest, the more you save.

Enjoy discounts and become a dedicated supporter of and partner with the Grassroots team. By subscribing to any one of our CSA or bulk programs, you will be ensuring for months in advance that you will receive first priority on the highest quality, most nutrient-dense food available. Ordering quarter, half, and whole animals is an option for those with freezer-space to spare and who are looking for larger discounts. See options below for savings.

Take the stress out of meals by investing in Susan's Soulful Kitchen and let Grassroots do the hard work! Single and Family investment options follow.

You are our partners in this wonderous culinary experience, and there is no way that we can accomplish what we do without your support. By investing ahead of time with Grassroots, you are guaranteed to receive your products before any of our retail and market customers, as our thanks to you.