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Life is busy and putting a healthy meal on the table is not always easy. We can help! Grassroots Farm & Foods is now shipping Susan's Soulful prepared foods, and other select items. These are meats and meals developed from animals raised on our farm, prepared in our certified kitchen, frozen, and shipped to your doorstep. Stock up your freezer with nutrient dense, flavorful meats and meals, and when life is hectic, have dinner on the table in 30 minutes.

How It Works

1 Sign Up

Create your free account and select the shipping option suited to the items you are selecting. Choose Home Delivery to have select items shipped to you, "Nationwide" for a gift shop item, or "Regional" for frozen perishable items. If you already have an account you will need to update your shipping preference to one of these shipping methods. This can be done in the brown bar towards the top of the page or under account settings. We are currently only shipping our select perishables within the state of Ohio.

2 Shop

Browse through our selection of prepared foods available for shipping or items in the gift shop. Add the products you would like to order to your cart. The order cutoff for the week is Sunday at midnight EST. If you are not seeing all of the select items available for shipping, please ensure that you have selected the proper default shipping method as mentioned in Step 1. You will notice in the shopping cart a $14.00 fee, which reflects the cost of a box, liner and gel packs. This is in addition to the cost of shipping.

3 Delivery

We package all orders on Monday. Your order will be shipped out on Tuesday arriving via UPS by Thursday late afternoon. If ordering a package containing frozen perishable foods make every effort to get the items into your freezer as soon as possible. It is safe to refreeze product that arrives partially thawed upon delivery.

Items Now Shipping

Italian Sausage

$9.00/ea (4 links, .80 lbs. per package)

Taco Meat - Aztec

$15.00/ea (One pound package.)

Mekong Pho

$12.00/ea (4-cup container, serving 2 adults)

Mekong Meatballs

$11.00/ea (8 one-ounce meatballs per package)

Moroccan Sliders

$20.00/ea (Six 2-ounce sliders per package)

American Sliders

$20.00/ea (Six 2-ounce sliders per package)

Chicken Stock


Pork Ragout

$18.00/ea (One pound package.)

Bolognese Sauce

$20.00/ea (One pound package.)

Roma Meatballs

$11.00/ea (8 one-ounce meatballs per package)

Rio-Grande Beef Barbacoa

$20.00/ea (One pound package.)

Chili - small


Ground Sirloin


Pulled Pork, Tar-Heel

$18.00/ea (One pound package.)

Shortrib Burger

$12.00/ea (2 6-oz. burgers per pack.)