Grassroots Farm & Foods Farm Steward Job Opportunity

Managing Animal, Visitors, & Wetlands

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  1. Vision
    This opportunity is designed for a skillful person interested in managing a grass-based livestock farm in southern Ohio and integrating it with an expanding on-site wetland mitigation bank. The land is owned by Red Stone Farm LLC, and includes 200 acres of organic pasture, 450 acres of wetlands under development (, 500 acres of woods, 4 housing units, a commercial kitchen, five species of grassfed livestock with supporting equipment, and an extensive network of trails and laneways.

    Given the challenges of our current era, we believe an increasing number of guests and volunteers would like to partake in the exceptional food, beauty, work, and sanctuary this land offers. We thus seek a Farm Steward to manage animals and coordinate visitors for this timely vision.


    This individual, couple, or family will live on Frost Rd, Cynthiana, Ohio, and have three responsibilities.

    1) Managing 50+ grassfed beeves, 100 grassfed ewes, 30 - 45 hogs, 1000 - 1500 chickens, and 300 - 500 laying hens on 200 acres of pasture. Fully developed infrastructure and systems are in place, requiring no more than 4-5 hours of attention per day. These food products are marketed through Grassroots Farm & Foods (
    2) Managing a guest house, for visitors seeking the beauty of animals and magical land.
    3) Managing a handful of volunteers, who will provide supporting care of livestock, infrastructure, and landscape.


    Excellent communication skills.
    Strength of body and good health.
    Commitment to grass-based foods, regenerative agriculture, and wildlife management.
    Reasonable mechanical expertise.
    Some digital skills.
    Commitment to tidiness on the land and in person.
    Some experience with livestock and equipment.
    Careful with tools, equipment, and people.
    Willingness to live in rural, pristine, and somewhat isolated location.
    College degree preferred.

Compensation to be determined. Will include housing, meat, health insurance, and increasing benefits over time.


Drausin Wulsin, Manager, Grassroots Farm & Foods and Red Stone Farm.
Forward questions and resume to:

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