Turkey Talk

October 18, 2019

Turkeys are readying themselves for you!

We are peased to be raising two different breeds of turkeys for you this year - Broad Breasted, as featured above, and Bourbon Red, as below. The Broad Breasted is what most of us are familiar with, except these are raised on grass, rather than in a feedlot, which adds both flavor and nutrition. They love clover, so Mike moves them daily to new grass. They take 4 - 5 months to mature, and will typically range in size from 15 - 25 lbs. Ours will be at the low end of that range.

Dairy calves are intriqued with these peculiar pasture-mates!

Bourbon Reds are a heritage turkey, first bred in Bourbon County, Kentucky. They are slow to mature, requiring 6 - 8 months of feed, and are very flavorful. Heritage breeds are smaller than conventional crosses and mature at 6 - 10 lbs. Landis is raising these. We sampled one this week, and were amazed at the rich flavor. Less quantity than conventional but tremendous quality.

Broad Breasted turkeys will weigh 15 - 16 lbs, and are priced at $109.

Heritage Bourbon Reds are as follows:

6 - 6.9 lbs    $79

7 - 7.9 lbs    $99

8 - 8.9 lbs  $119

These need to be ordered in advance, by Sunday November 17. They can be ordered on-line here or send an email to confirm.

  1. The turkeys will be frozen and can be picked up:

    at the farm, by appointment
    in Hyde Park on Sunday the 24th or
    in Hyde Park on Tuesday evening the 26th. 

  • We enjoy raising these birds on the farm, and look forward to their gracing your table on Thanksgiving day.

  • Drausin & Susan 

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