Sliders on the Square

June 18, 2020

Sliders on the Square starts with a nap in the woods.

For many years we have been grilling sliders on the Square at Hyde Park on Sundays. For obvious reasons, that is not possible this season. But, you can grill your own this Father's Day and they will be just as good. As mentioned, the first step is to take a good nap, preferably in the shade of the woods. Then take a mud bath, before heading to the kitchen to fraternize with the cooking crew.

Unpack frozen or thawed sliders, and then set up the grill.

If you are feeling inspired, put up two tents, so you have plenty of room for cooking. Frozen sliders take about 6 - 7 minutes per side, depending on heat. Assemble them with plenty of Aioli plus a green of some sort and a bun, and, voila, you suddenly have before you one of the world's greatest treats.

Afterwards, take a stroll in the woods to observe how hogs clear underbrush, creating a glen. Then settle in for a great feast of sliders, with any side dish you can imagine.

Vietnamese Sliders come from Woodlot Pork mixed with beef, the partial story of which is offered above. Moroccan Sliders originate with Pastured Lamb mixed with beef, while American Sliders are 100% beef. The first two are rich with herbs, while the latter provides a milder treat. Without much to-do, you can successfully create your own Slider on the Square. 

But if you would rather aim for a sturdy cut of meat for Father's Day, a Woodlot Pork Chop is a winning choice. We suggest brining chops for 3-5 hours in salt-and-sugar water, and then grill for about 3 minutes per side. Very succulent and flavorful. You can taste the nuts gleaned from the woods.

We will see you at Montgomery on Saturday morning and Hyde Park on Sunday morning. Place pre-orders for your convenience and ours, but we will bring extra inventory in addition.

Happy grilling this weekend!

Drausin & Susan


And then back to napping...

Drausin Wulsin

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