Shipping News

November 1, 2019

We are ready to ship product to you, out the drive and onto highways and byways.

We have resisted this effort, but finally realized we were resisting the inevitable. So, instead of choosing obsolence, we choose enhanced service, which we are very pleased, finally, to provide to you. You can now order most of our products on-line and we can ship them anywhere east of the Mississippi! 

It has taken time to find the right software with which to do so, but we believe we are in good hands for this effort. That being said, we are new to the endeavor, and there will be a few wrinkles to iron out. With supportive customers providing feedback, we will climb this learning curve quickly. We are very fortunate to have Paula Harshbarger offering both the leadership and back-up for this service. She keeps the devil out of the details, and we are most grateful for her skillfulness. 

So, if you live far afield from our center and would like to order from us finally or if you would like to ship to a relative or friend who is far afield, we can now accommodate you, by clicking here. If you would like us to ship to another party, leave their address in Customer Notes, and we will proceed accordingly. We are excited about this, expecting it to expand our market and our future.

Life moves quickly at times, as noted by this guardian maple tree next to our house. In seven quick days, it has transformed itself from being bedecked in scarlet to being bare to the elements. So life is; we can be wrapped in glory one moment and naked to truth the next. The heartening observation is that one leads to the other and each is dependent on the other. Glory and humility go hand in hand. 

We sent three bulls to the veterinarian's, so he could check their semen count. Each registered positive, which is good news. We hadn't checked in a few years, and didn't want to make undue assumptions about their fertility. Next year we will have to replace the big bull in the front. He is fuller and rounder than the one in back and is thus of prefered confirmation, but he weighs close to 2,000 lbs. and is becoming too big for some of the cows. Bulls become heavier with age.

We also need to find another guard dog. Two have died of old age this year, so we have begun looking for a young companion to Abie. Abie would teach her well. 

Above are three steps for making Tar-Heel Pulled Pork. Pork shoulder with a dry rub on it is cooked at 200 degrees for 10 hours; it is then pulled apart and mixed with a barbecue sauce, in which it marinates for two days, before being served on a bun with French aioli and appropriate side dishes. It is rather addictive. 

Fungi reflect rich soil. This handsome mushroom expressed itself on our lawn. We strive to develop fungi in our pastures by increasing organic matter. Fungi protect plant roots and deliver nutrients to them. One of Clark Harshbarger's numerous skills from his career as a soil scientist is understanding how to measure fungal counts in soil. We will begin this process in the next year and will share results with you.

Don't forget to order turkeys here or by email or by word at the market.

You can also order our new book, A Farmer's Almanac, by going here. (We will bring books to the market this Sunday, in fact, whereas we intended to last Sunday but left them behind.)

And you can order products to be shipped, by clicking here!

Lots of interesting choices.

Shipping News is an outstanding and recommended novel by Annie Proulx and it also describes the latest service we offer from our soil to your table. 

In the glory of moments and the humility of the journey,

Drausin & Susan

Drausin Wulsin

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