Recovering Balance II

March 14, 2020

We are all thrown off balance by this pandemic, but we are already recovering ourselves, and will have product for you on Sunday.

Schools in Cincinnati are closed for the foreseeable future, including Clark Montessori. We are thus required to find a new location for the winter market, which has not yet been ascertained. The formal market is accordingly closed this Sunday the 15th.

But we will be in force, through four scenarios.

1) Dropping off and providing product to you on Sunday afternoon the 15th from 2 - 4 at the Kroger parking lot, 3760 Paxton Rd, in Hyde Park. The best way to ensure your product will be available will be to order on-line. On-line orders receive first priority. We will also have excess inventory with us in the trailer, as usual.

On-line orders also reduce physical contact, which is temporarily part of the new reality we are all navigating. We will continue to accept credit card payments, however, but will ask the customer to let us sign the screen in their stead to minimize transmission in either direction from touching iphones. We will also accept checks and cash, but with preference for the first two methods. In addition, you can send me an email ( with an order, and payment can be made over the telephone or at the market and delivered to you at this drop-off point.

2) We also offer shipping of a limited number of products. We will expand this offering, as demand presents itself. 

3) We can further deliver to your door, for a minimum of a $50 order. We will do so on Wednesdays, but don't quite have the website page set up for this yet. That is coming. In the meantime, just send an email with a request to: We can work around the website.

4) Last, if you would like a break from the confines of the new reality you are enduring, we invite you to pack a lunch, and come on out to the farm to buy product and/or simply to walk and witness the wonder of nature. It is heartening to do so, reminding one of the primal pulse of life, which outlasts temporary aberrations such as the one we face.

It is hard to fathom how we, as a society, ended up in this mysterious circumstance. The life of almost everybody in the world has suddenly changed. Isn't it amazing how the entire world-community is being touched similarly? That may be for the first time ever. How unifying and historic.

We will work our way through this predicament, as governmental leadership slowly rises to the fore. This is not a task for the limited talents of free-market enterprise, and points to the unique role of government in creating unified and timely response to national crises. 

The above hoofprints of deer point the way to greener pastures. Deer are always in movement, and so are we. We shall recover our balance. We probably have several months of difficulty to endure, but matters will stabilize and we will rediscover normalcy.  

In the meantime, we have to care for our mental and physical health. Good food and select company attend to both.

Here we are charging our immune systems with: strip steaks, spinach souffle, and pear & blueberry salad. And that glass of wine! Deeply satisfying.

Bob will be at Kroger parking lot on Paxton Avenue Sunday afternoon. If you need to reach him for any reason, his cell phone is: 513-967-8099. This is an update from the message sent out yesterday and represents the current location for pick-up.

Remember to place orders, if you can.

May we all help each other recover balance.

Drausin & Susan

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