POULTRY POWER: THE CHICKENS ARE COMING! We harvested our first pastured poultry this week.

June 13, 2015








We harvested our first pastured poultry this week.

Pictures on the right are from our neighbor's farm, Pheryl Zimmeman, whose family is raising 600 birds for us. Those on the left are from our farm, under able leadership of Brendan Prendergast. Pheryl harvested his first batch last week; Brendan will harvest his first this coming week. We now have plenty of frozen product on-hand, gratefully, after running out this past February.

This chicken has a flavor and firmness that is unmatched by store-bought poultry. These birds are always walking around, and thereby develop strength in body tissue. When you bite into the meat, you feel resilience, which is followed by a rich taste of minerals, derived from grass and soil. This taste is a remarkable and beautiful experience. The contrast between this food and store-bought is the most pronounced we have noted.

So, as Father's Day approaches, be sure to wash the old man's car for him first, but consider concluding the day's festivities with a pastured, roasted chicken (450 degrees for 15 minutes; 350 degrees for 45). You might also gild-the-lilly by grilling short-rib burgers or Moroccan sliders for lunch. By the time the day is done, you will have him in the palm of your hand.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow, Sunday, the 14th, at the Hyde Park Farmers Market.

On-line ordering is also available at: http://grassrootsfoods.biz/on-line-purchasing. Next delivery is this Wednesday, the 17th, at 4:00 at the corner of Bellecrest & Pape Avenues in east Hyde Park. Ordering window for this delivery closes Sunday night.

In gratitude for the power of grassfed poultry, you - our customers, and the inch of rain that fell last night upon our parched fields,

Drausin & Susan



Drausin Wulsin

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