Perfect Contentment

May 13, 2021

Hogs sleeping in the morning sun speak of perfect contentment.

After the storm we have been through, it is tempting to crawl in among these noble ones to rest the head and spirit. Life looks so simple there in the shining rays of sun.

It is disillusioning to be subject to a farmers' market whose management has strayed so far from the celebratory intent of the age-old marketplace. But human nature always drifts, if appropriate checks and balances are not in place, so there should be no surprise in the drift and the complexity it engenders. 

This raises the question whether life is inherently stressful and complex. Does it have to be this way? Well, we have an answer from Wilf Davies, age 72, who is a Welsh shepherd. My nephew sent me this article a few months back, and it has been relentlessly circling in my head since. This man is totally content with his lot, and what a wonder he is. I haven't dared yet suggest to Susan we adopt this perfect lifestyle, for it involves preparing the same meal every night of the week, and we know what the response to that would be! But, to Mr. Davies, perfect food and work need no improvement. How enviable. This is a man who knows his center.

Below, is a newborn lamb, whose mother is keeping Sale company. The ewe and lamb don't have to worry about drifting apart from each other in tall grass. They are enclosed in a nest in the barn deeply engaged in bonding, and once training is complete with Sale, will return to pastures. This too might be considered a perfect life. 

The primary purpose of this communication is not only to affirm that perfect contentment is indeed possible, but also to apprise you that:

We will continue to serve the Montgomery Farmers Market on Saturdays from 9:00 - 12:30. 

We will remain at Madtree Brewing on Sundays, from 10 - 1:00, for now, for quick pick-up of pre-orders and with inventory for spontaneous sales.

We have replenished our inventory of chicken and have plenty of parts and wholes on hand.

Cut-off time for pre-orders for Montgomery is Thursday at midnight and for Madtree, Friday at midnight.

On-farm pick-up remains an option.

We have listed farm tours on the website, for the next five months, alternating between Saturdays and Sundays. Make plans to visit the landscape and animals you are supporting. This is your farm as well as ours.

Forward this communication to friends with whom you think Grassroots would be a good fit.

Bob will be at Montgomery on Saturday and I will be at Madtree on Sunday.

In the meantime, if anybody knows a simple way to travel to Wales from here, please let us know.

In the journey,

Drausin & Susan

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