Paw Paw Power

September 28, 2018

Paw Paw trees fill the Appachian forest.

Here cows are taking refuge from the last heat of summer within shade offered by Paw Paw trees. These prolific, slender tees bear wild fruit, which seems tropical in taste and texture - like a cross between a mango and banana. They don't grow more than ten to fifteen feet tall, but thrive in the understory of mature trees, like locusts, walnuts, and oaks. Two weeks ago, a young gentleman spent two days at our farm harvesting several hundred pounds of Paw Paws, so he and his brother could make beer flavored by this wild fruit. It will take a year to do so, stored in oak barrels, and we are looking forward to sampling it. 

Athens County, Ohio hosts a Paw Paw festival in mid-September, as do numerous other communities throughout the Appalachian Region. These tend to be celebratory affairs which highlight the wonder of Appalahia's only tropical fruit, typically maturing around mid-Setpember. 

So, wherein lies the power of the paw paw? Perhaps from its perennial abundance, the slenderness of the tree, the trees' capacity to live within shade of mighty companions, the transporting sweetness of the fruit, that it does not domesticate well, that it is generally unknown to the public, and that it is unique to its home territory. Those distinct characteristics reflect the magic of nature in our backyards and thus present a certain power. 

Remember to sign up for the Farm Tour, to be held Saturday, October 13, from 11 - 3. 

Farm Tour

This omelette and vegetables fed a hungry man this evening. Eggs always seem welcomed by the body.

We will see you this Sunday at Hyde Park and during the week at Blue Ash and at Bexley.

Much Paw Paw power to you!

Drausin & Susan


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