Ordering Turkeys

September 16, 2021

We take turkeys to be processed on September 30th, so it is time to begin placing orders.

We will have to assess how many birds to leave whole and how many to cut into parts.  We can also do half a turkey. Your input as to whether you would like a whole bird before the 30th would therefore be helpful. Othewise, we will have to guess, which is always perilous! 

These Bronze Broadbreasted birds are growing well, and we expect them to range from 16 - 20 lbs. dressed, with a few at the extremes. They will be brought back to our farm and placed in upright freezers. We will deliver them to you over the course of October and November at either Madtree or Montgomery farmers markets. We can also deliver them to you on Wednesdays during our mid-week trip to town. 

So, please help us think this through over the next week.

Orders for turkeys may be placed here.

On the right we have rolled up the hot polywire and the hogs are assessing whether they can safely move to the next wedge of woods or not. They don't see well, so it takes them time to figure out whether the hot-wire is still in place. Most figure that out quickly but a few will take two days or so to overcome fear of an absent hot-wire.

One of the pleasures of being in the woods with the hogs is discovering the unexpected, discovering treasures that await the discerning eye. Last week I was walking one of the trails for their fences, looking for electrical shorts. In the process, I came upon a four foot-long log, covered in elegant, shell-like fungal shapes. It looked like a piece of coral from the bottom of the sea or a mysterious structure from out of space. It was just amazing to behold... We continually discover how little we understand.

Bo is taking note of the beauty of a field of Ironweed. We try to mow Ironweed before it goes to seed, but don't always achieve that. It is a preferred wetland plant, more welcome in that system of management than in one for livestock. This field is eventually slated to be wetlands, and will make the transition naturally.

We are preparing to build a fountain out of native iron-rich sandstones. This pile was taken from the foundation of an old house on the farm, now fallen down and in the woods. This load of stones was extremely heavy. Our 100 h.p. tractor could barely pull it. The fountain will be in tribute to role of wetlands in our lives. We will also be using these stones to build walls out by our front gate. We will keep you posted on these interesting projects.

This is a recent Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Sandwhich! What a feast these were. We had them repeatedly over several weeks, when local tomatoes were at their peak. We are currently low on bacon, but will have more in November, when we start harvesting hogs. 

In the meantime, Bob will be at the market in Montgomery on Saturday and I will be at Madtree, from 10 - 12, on Sunday.

Below is a picture of piercing light amidst the fog, reminding us of the mystery through which we travel.

May we soon unravel the mystery of turkey orders!

Drausin & Susan


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