Opening Day

May 18, 2019

As this pear tree blooms between Pin Oaks, we prepare for opening day at the market.

We have upgraded equipment and assembled a new team to bring to you frozen meats, eggs, and grilled sliders. Over the past three summers Susan's children have donated dedicated support to us at the summer market, and are now moving to other pastures. Clark, Mike, Beth, Bob, Susan, and I will be in attendance this Sunday, working toward the same efficiency as in the past. It will be good to be back on the square, and we look forward to seeing those of you whom we did not see this winter at Clark Montessori. 

This morning, Clark and I picked up our next round of 10 Berkshire feeder pigs. We have poured a few concrete pads to support water tubs and grain feeders, so we may raise more pigs, whithout doing damage, in the year ahead. Bo is fascinated with pigs, and stares at them for hours. He is their Zen master, which might be one reason the pork tastes so good.

Below is a sumptuous summer meal of Moroccan chicken salad, consisting of: pastured chicken, Moroccan aioli, apricots, and cilantro. Hard boiled eggs, fresh broccoli, and strawberries adorn the presentation, pronouncing the advent of unique summer flavors. 

It has been a long cold, wet winter, and it will be good to see you on Sunday! 

Drausin & Susan

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