Moon Travel

April 16, 2020

As we reside at home, to where would the moon transport us?

Almost anywhere, with a little help out of the kitchen...

Over the past two weeks, we have traveled to Mexico, North Africa, and Italy, free of charge, and without hassles in airports, customs, or taxi cabs. Pretty good deal. How does one do that? By opening a cook book and then casting an eye heavenward. There is an adage: If you can read, you can cook, and if you can cook, you can travel... It is so true. And travel doesn't want to be first-class to be rewarding. Often the most interesting is what comes off the beaten trail. The same is true for cooking. Our evening in Mexico was engendered by tacos, filled with: our Beef Barbacoa, guacamole, rice & beans, Quesa Blanco cheese, and tomato salsa. It is hard to stop at two or three. Really delicious -- bueno! 

After the Mexican sojourn, we were transported by moon to North Africa, in time for an evening meal of Shakshuka! That was new travel for me, never having landed on those shores nor partaken of such rich and becoming celebration of pastured eggs. Shakshuka consists of eggs poached in a thick tomato sauce, dense with herbs and spices of the old world, to include feta cheese, olives, and cilantro. It reminds one of Indian food, in that layers of history lie in the sauce, astounding one with the complexity and perfection of ancient inter-playing flavors.  We did take license enough to allow a covert glass or two of Rose wine to accompany.

Since we were in the Mediterranean area, it was easy enough to cross the Sea in time to enjoy an Italian wedding celebration in the countryside. There was featured Italian Wedding Soup, consisting of: beans, pasta, kale, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, our rich chicken stock, and our Roma Meatballs. The flavors here, as well, just kept on giving. It is amazing how a soup can be so rewarding and satisfying, but it should be no surprise, as Italians know food. They also have a penchant for pastured eggs, like their neighbors across the Sea. We did notice that wine is rarely covert in Italy.

We have in stock a raft of prepared foods, ready for your travels, as well as full inventory of frozen grassfed meats. We recommend traveling by moon, as it is so much simpler and more up-to-date than those fossil-fuel-guzzling contraptions we used to employ. The world is reinventing itself, and revised method of travel is one of the exciting, new opportunities before us. Your kitchen and imagination are the keys.

Submit orders by midnight Friday for this Sunday's pick-up, April 19, in Hyde Park at USBank between 9:30 & 11:30 AM. 

Clark will be traveling to deliver them to you.

See you in the moonlight!

Drausin & Susan

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