May Flooding

May 28, 2020

Five inches of rain fell last week in 48 hours.

The creek jumped the banks and our bottom-ground was flooded. Our sheep, cattle, and hogs were fortuitously on high ground. One of our chicken coops was on low ground and had to be evacuated. Fortunately, it was the one on wheels and relocating proceeded without mishap. We brought the cows back to the feeding pad for two days, to protect pastures, before returning to the grazing plan. It was an intense few days, that tested the design of the farm and the resolve of its managers.

Below, Mike is moving the egg mobile away from flood waters. We had planned to congregate it with the new egg mobile anyway, so flooding forced the issue.

Our newborn lambs are doing well, due to extra care under Clark's management. We previously moved the flock every three days within about a five-acre area. Clark is now moving them every two days within the same area. This provides an even higher plane of nutrition for lactating ewes and even less risk of parasite infestation for susceptible lambs. The trade-off is it requires a lot more work. The picture below is of the last day of lambing, before commencing careful choreography.

Our first batch of chickens went to be processed Tuesday morning. It is a job to catch and load 240 birds. Below is a team of four working at the process Monday evening: Clark, Nelson, Mike, and Isaac (not in the picture). It took about an hour and a half to do so. Mike departed at 5 AM the next morning for the 2 1/2 hour drive. We will pick up frozen chickens on Monday next week, and have will have flavorful, pasture-raised chicken on-hand for markets the following weekend of June 6.

It has been a busy week, as they all are. Grass is growing rapidly and cattle are moving quickly in response, which requires extra diligence on our part. In the meantime, beautiful sunrises and sunsets keep us inspired.

Below is an update on our willow stakes in the creek bank. They have weathered four frosts and one flood since they were planted, yet are still sprouting green shoots, in statement of great optimism. 

May we each be so resilient!

Sirloin steak, sliced thinly, guacamole, hominy, and beans & rice, made for great fixings on tortillas. Fresh strawberries provided for a special dessert.

Thank you for your ongoing support, through waters high and low.

Drausin Wulsin

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