July 4th

June 24, 2021


Is the sun setting or rising?

Is this a matter of perspective or fact? It is some of both fortunately. Sometimes we are moving so fast we are not sure whether we are rising or setting. While it can be exhilarating to move at such pace, it can also be defeating.

We have been engaged in quite a hay-making process, of late. Contractors did the making and we have been doing the moving. We have to move over 400 large round bales from the field into barns, before and between rains. We have had two tractors and wagons in motion for days to complete the task. We are still working on it, before rain recommences on Monday. Considerable teamwork is in play to accomplish this task.  

Last Friday night we witnessed a lightening storm unlike any before, that dropped 3 inches of rain. The lightening went on for hours and was a brilliant show in itself. Wind and rain accompanied it, to such an extent that metal struts of one of our shade mobiles were bent in half. The other shade mobile, sitting 40 feet away, weathered the storm just fine.  Anybody who doesn't think weather is intensifying might be interested in seeing this up close.

On Tuesday evening Mike, Chris, and Scott emptied the broiler pens for transport to the processor early Wednesday morning. Over 400 plump pastured broilers went off, to return on Monday, ready for your consumption.

Last Sunday, we brought our grill out of mothballs to Madtree to enjoy an afternoon with the Slider Shack. We grilled Moroccan Sliders and appreciated the familiar acclaim for the sandwiches, which included aioli and greens on a bun. We will be grilling there soon again.

Both Montgomery and Madtree markets will be closed over the 4th of July. So, double-up this week, in anticipation. We have plenty of steaksslidersshortrib burgers, and other festive fare available for this weekend and next. 

Bob will be at Montgomery on Saturday and I at Madtree on Sunday the 27th.

May July 4th be celebratory and reflective for all.

Drausin & Susan


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