In The Doing

March 26, 2020

We find peace of mind in the doing.

A burst of sunlight on the hillside reveals much activity in the valley below. In the far distance is Landis' house and behind the trees is the grass-based dairy he manages. His cows have been calving through March, so their peak production of milk will be timed with peak production of grass in the months ahead. Then you can see in the picture a thin strip of red beef cows closely managed by Clark. Next in view is the egg-mobile, which Mike moves twice a week, assuring eggs will be firm and yellow. Closer in the foreground is a trailer and skid-steer, which reflect the fencing project for sheep nearing completion. The pasture where the hay is unrolled is a bit overgrazed, so today we move the flock of sheep to another across the creek.

Two hundred fifty Rock-Cornish-cross chicks arrived this week, survived a cold night, and are on the path to harvest by the end of May. A new Red Devon bull landed on the farm, in addition, gleaning the name Garnet. We have also nearly completed the Egg Room and are burning brush. The tree-planting crew laid in another 1500 seedlings of: Silky Dogwood, Pin Oak, Shellbark Hickory, Swamp White Oak, River Birch, and Sycamore... The beat goes on.

We are attending to mental health through the doing, by staying busy. And by being profoundly grateful we have an essential business supported by essential customers.

Good food sure helps mental health as well as physical. Below are pork chops with a cherry sauce, sweet potatoes and sour cream, and a great succotash dish. Food like that is transporting. May such from your kitchen transport you. 

This Sunday the 29th we will be rejoining the group of Hyde Park vendors locating at USBank (3424 Edwards Road), from 9:30 - 11:30. The new rules of engagement are: pre-orders only, no getting out of the car, vendors will drop your order into the back of the car as you pass by, minimizing contact. If you are not comfortable with ordering off of our website, send me an email,  we will include an invoice with your order, and you can send us a check upon return home. Clark will be present to transfer your order to you. If you have any questions at the last minute, his telephone # is: 361-215-8488 or call me at the farm: 740-634-2575.

May your doing keep you well.

Drausin & Susan

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