Grilling Sliders

June 17, 2021

We enjoyed an intimate farm tour this past weekend with four long-time customers. 

One of the highlights of the afternoon was firing up our dormant grill and serving sliders again. We cooked Moroccan sliders, coupled with homemade aioli, greens, a bun, corn-on-the-cob, fresh watermelon, and chocolate chip cookies. We ate near our new hog-heaven area, and while Susan and I grilled, Scott and Chris introduced our new woodlot complex and its inhabitants to the visitors. 

If grilled sliders attracts your attention, we will be grilling them at Madtree from 1-4 this Sunday, for Father's Day. Come and see us there. It has been over a year since we have been able to offer this to you!

Our tour also consisted of moving sheep, with Bo's help, seeing the finishers, visiting wetlands, observing laying hens in mobile coops, seeing the commercial kitchen in the basement of Chris' house, looking at the broiler operation, moving cows to the next field, inspecting where our new farm store is planned to be, along with inspecting handling-facilities for both cattle and sheep. It was a rich afternoon of dialogue and sharing. 

Afterwards, one participant posted to Next Door a picture and notice of the afternoon visit with accolades about the animals she beheld. That kind of effort helps us a lot. Another participant, who is retired from P&G, advised we follow its mantra which is to invest in one's largest problem. I responded that our largest problem is marketing. He replied, "then you know where to go..." All so simple, yet elusive. A very constructive four hours together.

We will be having our next farm tour on Sunday, July 11. If you haven't signed up yet and want to, please do so here.

Here is a look inside the new broiler-mobile, that Mike designed. They receive fresh grass and weeds every day, so they are always enjoying rich and abundant feed. Filling the plastic waterers twice a day is a bit of a chore, so Mike is experimenting with a gravity-flow watering system, not unlike what he employs for laying hens. We are always learning.

We have returned to having hay made on our own property, rather than purchasing hay. With our increased acreage incurred from the departing dairyman this winter, we now have enough ground for a custom hay-maker to come to us. He cut hay two days ago, raked it yesterday, and is supposed to be baling it today. As of 1 PM, he hasn't arrived. On Saturday it is supposed to rain, so we will have about a day and a half to bring 300 round bales in from fields to be placed under roof. Will keep you posted! 

On Saturday, Bob will be at the Montgomery Market from 9:30 to 12:30. Place preorders for that market here. Cut-off for ordering is tonight at midnight.

Chris will be at Madtree on Sunday, from 10 -12. This is an abbreviated time, because we will then be moving the truck and trailer to the front of the Brewery in order to grill sliders, from 1 - 4, for a Father's Day celebration. Susan, Beth, Bob, and I will be on this detail. So, if you have been coveting a hot slider with homemade aioli, join us there and then.

If you want to grill your own, order here. Or if you want steaks or chops for Father's Day, we are fully stocked. We will be there for you and appreciate your being there for us.

May your next slider be exquisite!

Drausin & Susan 

Drausin Wulsin


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