Green Snake

June 8, 2018


This rare Kirtland's Snake was identified this past week in our wetlands. 

It is an exciting discovery because this snake is highly reclusive and known in only one other location in the county. A local herpatologist has been patrolling our wetland in search of this species, and several days ago discovered it. This is big news for local herpatologists and for us. It indicates our wetland is rich with biodiversity and is protecting threatened species.  

Our wetlands has become the heartbeat of our farm, and its pulse emanates widely into adjoining pastures. In like manner, the biodiversity we are building in soil and among plants from grazing enhances wildlife in the wetlands. And your purchase of our grassfed foods supports the pastures which supports the wetlands which cycles back to support the pastures. As you are part of this rich feedback loop, you can feel good about how you invest money in food. 

So, this is the second time in two weeks that the secretive snake has presented itself to us. We are not sure what to make of this. But it would seem prudent to accept its healing powers heralded in medicine and its portend of transformation offered in mythology.  And we do, humbled and intriqued by our new relationship with these guardians of the quiet. 

Below, rising sun highlights noble draft horses. And age-old lattice-work rendered by making of hay graces a nearby field. 

This is the optimum time of year for livestock, as grass is abundant and temperatures are not yet overbearing. The past week of 80 degree weather has been a gift to bovines and humans. Cows have shed their winter coats and are becoming shiney with oil secreted by the thymus gland. We have been moving cows and calves rapidly across the landscape, but will begin slowing down given slower growth of pasture ahead, allowing for 45 - 60 day rest periods. Fast growth, fast movement; slow growth, slow movement...


Pork chops, corn bread, Cannellini beans, and sauteed green peppers gave us another taste of heaven.

We look forward to seeing you at Hyde Park on Sunday, Blue Ash on Wednesday, and Bexley in Columbus on Thursday.

May we be wise enough to recognize the power of reptiles in our lives!

Drausin & Susan


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