Grassfed Babes

May 10, 2018


This past week has been rich with grassfed offspring, bringing the future to the present.

Lambs, dairy calves, children from Head Start, great-nephew, granddaughter, and Robin's egg - are all finding purchase on this grass-based farm.

Lambs are dropping daily, and one of their guard dogs, Abie, cooly stands watch, with one eye open and one closed, so they may enjoy freedoms.

Great-nephew, Wally, paid us a visit over the weekend, with parents in tow. He doesn't know it, but we designated his considerable musculature to grass-farming with us, down the road. Reluctant parents conceded that work in meadows might auger as well as any other. We closed the deal before they could reconsider.

Six children from the nearby Head Start program visited with us on Tuesday, for 45 minutes. They pet dairy calves, Belgian draft horses, and border collie - Bo. It was a rich interlude, which brought smiles to their dear faces.

Breaking news from Manhattan is that six-month-old, granddaughter Lyra, took her first bite of grassfed burger, with full gusto! We are going to sign her up as a future farmer, as well, behind parents' backs, to keep Wally in good stead.

Given that this past Saturday marked the most important holiday of the year, if you are from Kentucky - Derby Day, we enjoyed visitors with similar prejudice. For lunch we fed them smoked pork chops, to center their southern gravity. 

After the Derby, to justify exhaustion from circling the track, we slid into a fitting meal of: homemade Kentucky-fried-chicken, grilled asparagus, corn pudding, biscuits, and Derby pie (best of all). It was quite a celebration, after such an arduous run in the rain. 

Bob will be at Findlay Market on Saturday.

Beth and I will be at Hyde Park (Clark Montessori) on Sunday.

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You, our customers, give all these grassfed babes reason to visit and inspire us. We are grateful to you and them.

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