Flyways & Byways

July 29, 2022

We are creating a flyway for water fowl.

In so doing, we are learning why most ponds and lakes are created by putting a dam in a ravine, rather than by digging out every inch of the depression. Since we prefer the challenging route to most ends, we are excavating two sites for ducks and geese, by removing soil from the surface down. We are discovering this approach calls for an enormous amount of digging!

The site above is two acres in size and about 3 feet deep. It took more than 275 truckloads of dirt, each weighing about 25 tons, to create this depression. We dumped it on a nearby hill, raising it one foot or more. The second depression will be a bit more economical, being one acre in size and two feet deep. We thought they would each be three acres, but were quickly schooled by the reality of hauling so much material. 

The flyways will be in wetlands we will plant to trees and shrubs this coming winter. We want an open area for water fowl, so they may land and take off, expressing freedom to be. We don't earn anything financially for this effort, but think in the long run it will pay many dividends in ecological and esthetic richness.

This is a brief communication not only to apprise you of our latest escapade, but to let you know we will be having our final Grassroots Farm Tour on Saturday, October 8, from 11 - 3.  The focus will be appreciation of our faithful customers. The event will be free of charge, but we will need to know headcounts so we can calibrate food. Put that day on your calendar, and let us know as soon as you can whether you can attend.

Below are grilled pork chops and rice, accented by fresh peaches. How delicious!

May our flyways and byways always be deep enough for landings and takeoffs.

Drausin Wulsin

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