June 8, 2019

This house stood absolutely empty yesterday for six beautiful hours, for the first time in thirty five years. 

Having spent the last four months emptying two houses, a few reflections surface from the effort. It is a momuntal task to render a house clean and to clear it of its past. It only happens step by step, box by box, and endless hour after endless hour. It is an exhausting endeavor, especially when done twice in a row. Inflexible timelines force the process forward, which lead to neglected secondary matters like correspondence, bills, and spouses.

In the end, however, a house emerges that has been relieved of the burdens of its past, has been repainted inside and out, and cleaned to the bone. The house stands proudly and glistens with care, ready for its next chapter. For the very brief moment it stands absolutely empty, it's poise is exquisite, like a ballerina on-toe or a ball on a knife's edge, waiting for inflection to move it one direction or another. 

After 35 years of habitation by our family, this house stood on-toe, in perfect form, for six hours, in emptiness, awaiting the arrival of the Harshbargers, migrating in tandem from Boulder, Colorado. They could not and would not have landed here, had the house not been empty. But through the emptiness, they were able to arrive, and begin refilling it with their new energy and vitality. This renewal is good for a house.  We feel fortunate to be able execute this emptiness, for we seek that to which emptiness leads.

It is an irony that we have to empty a pitcher to fill it. Isn't that a metaphor in our own lives? We periodically have to rid ourselves of the detritus we harbor to advance toward our unique destiny and well-being. We empty ourselves to replenish; we deconstruct to construct; we go naked to be clothed; we give up to gain, none of which is easy but all of which is rewarding. 

Clark & Paula Harsbarger have emptied themselves of security in a beautiful land to join us in our uncertain journey to provide healty food to the public. Emptiness precedes fullness, but it takes real courage to choose the former in mid-life, as they have. We are admiring of them and deeply grateful. 

Our friend and artist, Mark Eberhard, knows something about emptiness. This painting of the Scarlet Taninger on our wall enables and invites the viewer's imagination to enter the seemingly empty landscape and roam where it may. This is liberating, offering a form of self-discovery. Whereas, had it been full of still-life and dense architecture, one could not enter and self-discovery would be held at bay. 

 It may be safe to say that it is through the portal of emptiness that one realizes one's destiny.

Sheep are eager to take a swim; cattle migrate, leaving behind trampled grass, and 400 hens congregate.

Last week we received this testimony, for which we are most appreciative:

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. tenderloin and rib eye! I can't say it enough. I am sitting here in heaven right now.Hard boiled some of the eggs this morning and they were delicious with fresh avocado!!!You knock it out of the park everytime. Please keep doing what you are doing, because you are doing it right.


Last weekend we hosted a gathering of 13 and served: smoked chicken salad, devilled eggs, corn pudding, fresh asparagus salad, and ginger pound cake with fresh strawberries & whipped cream. The men in this group have been meeting every other month for 30 years, pursing emptiness. The wives check in periodically to see how we are doing. Their advice from this check-up is to keep up the good work, for in another ten to fifteen years we should arrive, and will then be able to disband. 

Now that we have navigated two moves, the smoker is finally coming back out and we have recommenced employing it. For tomorrow, we will have six halves of smoked capon available. If you would like to reserve one, send word.

Our schedule for farmers markets is evolving to this:

Sundays at Hyde Park,

Wednesdays at Blue Ash,

Every other Saturday at Milford, and the other Saturday at German Village. We were at Milford today, 6/8, and will be at German Village on 6/15.

Below is the first sign of Elderberry blossoms, at our wetlands.

May we connect in the abyss!

Drausin & Susan 

Drausin Wulsin

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