Comforting Bolognese

February 7, 2020

Comfort food is reassuring.

Bolognese sauce on pasta reassured us, as we felt a dark curtain fall on our democracy mid-week. It made us feel better to savor the rich flavor of the Bolgonese and to enjoy encompassing moments of simply tasting it. It transported us from worry to celebration, from dark to light, from power to place. It became a meditation to connect with each bite and receive transport offered to a safe and comforting realm. And it was anchoring to picture the grass-finsihed beef and lamb at the heart of this sophisticated sauce being raised on our land from our soil. It is just delicious on its own, and is especially wondrous as a comfort food.

We recently shipped a large order of Bolognese Sauce to a professor-friend of ours in Massachusets. He grew up on it, as his parents were Italian immigrants. He ordered 11 packages, which we consider high praise. Here are Professor Tedeschi's recent comments.

I’ll have the sauce with something sturdier than spaghetti—penne rigate, rigatoni or something that catches the sauce in its ridges and holes.  Al dente of course.  (Like any good eye-tie I can tell the perfect degree of al dente from across the room by looking at the color of the water.)  Then you sprinkle parmesan cheese mixed with a bit of Romano (salty goat cheese).  A sturdy red wine.  What else does anyone need? 

Susan serves it over Hemisfare's Lacy Ribbon Egg Pasta, available at Kroger. 

The day after we celebrated with Bolognese Sauce, a chocolate cake emerged! It is amazing how the need for comfort stirs creativity. Fortunately two teenagers live down the lane, who were enrolled to help us with this creation. 

If you would like to order Bolognese on-line, for delivery to Hyde Park or your door, you may do so here. For your comfort and transport.We will be serving it on Sunday at the market, and will have plenty available frozen in 1.5 lb pouches.

We will also have some of those steaks referred to last week, which we forgot to pack in the trailer. They are from cow #7667, so ask for her.

May Bolognese Sauce enrich your life!

Drausin & Susan

The Professor's dinner.

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