Carving Pathways

June 4, 2020

We are carving pathways in a sea of grass, to ensure the way forward.

Electric nets will go up next, accompanied by the shade mobile, and to be followed by water tub and mineral sled. Then the flock of sheep will enter this paddock for two days of high-quality grazing. The route of these pathways is not fixed. They can go in any direction necessary, which is part of their beauty. Much effort goes into preparing these pathways and moves, under Clark's leadership, to achieve food of high nutrition and integrity. 

These pathways stand as a metaphor for creative solutions and change in society. Our greater culture is "at sea" right now, as distortion and dissonance nearly overwhelm us. What is heartening, within the dissonance, is an emerging opportunity to carve out promising new pathways. We can create a beckoning and just reality, if we move carefully and strategically in the months and years ahead, as Clark does with this flock.

In so doing, may we be bold, may we be strong, may we demonstrate wisdom, may we be just, loving, and inclusive, may we learn from history and create a society even better than envisioned by forefathers. May we find courage to speak truthfully, to act with integrity, and to be resolute in carving out a beneficent future for all. This we mercifully have the opportunity to do.

We find inspiration for this large mandate through our daily work on the farm, producing food for you. We connect with you on matters large and small, which is wondrous and for which we are most grateful.

We are renting 25 acres from our neighbor, and have had to carve new pathways to facilitate the logistics of accessing this property. And in so doing, have learned and benefited.

On the top left cows moved yesterday into head-high grass, which is becoming mature. But underneath stands thick nutritious white clover. Next, you see the impact of the herd entering this field, which transpired over about 30 seconds. The power of the herd is amazing, and can be used to heal or to harm, depending on management, as with so many forces in life. These cows will be in here for 2 days and will then move to the next pasture.

In order to reach our neighbor's fields, we have had to carve new pathways for two 1000-ft., above-ground polyethylene waterlines. Waterlines come in 400-ft. sections, so critical fittings join the sections and enable the line to connect to the 2-inch underground main, at the source, and to the water tub, at the end. Every fitting has to be exactly the one needed. Rough approximation doesn't work in plumbing. In a 1,000 ft. line, 23 different metal fittings enable water to flow successfully from source to destination. If one of those fittings is wrong, one witnesses a big leak and enjoys another time-consuming trip to the hardware store. It has proven interesting and rewarding to create these new pathways of water, enabling cows, land, and people to benefit.

We recently enjoyed a flank steak. Susan marinated it in soy sauce and olive oil. We then flash-cooked it on the grill and sliced it, for making fajitas. Add some guacamole and a slice of tomato, and they are delicious! You can order one here.

Given this is the season for grilled sliders, we want to make available through the website the secret ingredient for the sandwiches - aioli!  Homemade aioli is one of those foods, like guacamole, which put on anything will make it better. But it is best eaten by the spoonful, like Graeter's ice cream. It is that good. So, this week we have French Aioli in inventory and available to be ordered. Next week we will have Moroccan and Vietnamese to supplement. But French is the basic and goes in any direction. 

We look forward to being at Montgomery on Saturday and Hyde Park on Sunday. We will bring limited inventory for cash purchases at Montgomery, but urge patrons to order on-line to ensure we have what you want. Hyde Park is still pre-order only. Cut-off time pre-orders for Montgomery is Thursday midnight and for Hyde Park Friday midnight.

During these poignant times, may you be carving the pathways of your future with fresh eyes and imagination.

With hope for an embracing society,

Drausin & Susan

Drausin Wulsin

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