Grassfed food you can trust.
For you, your children, and grandchildren.

"Just wanted to let you know how beautiful and delicate your beef and lamb are. Thank you for selling me half of steer #5; he made me very happy!" 

-- Lisa Geraciotti, Walnut Hills


Our pastures are certified organic by the Organic Ecological Food & Farm Association of Ohio (OEFFA)

Our sheep and beef are certified 100%-Grassfed by the American Grassfed Association

Our kitchen is certified by Division of Food Safety, Ohio Department of Agriculture



Our 100% Grass-Fed Red Devon beeves fatten well on grass. Their tender meat offers a more subtle flavor than grain-fed beef, is easier to digest, and carries essence of pasture and soil. 

Our Katahdin Lamb is tender, offering a light, sweet flavor. The Katahdin breed is a “hair” sheep, which does not present a musty, gamey flavor, typical of wool breeds and grain-fed lamb. 

Our Cornish Cross Chickens are moved twice a day to fresh grass, enhancing their dense meat and rich taste. 

Our Berkshire Hogs enjoy the nuts and shade of rotated woodlots, making for smooth and buttery meat.


We move livestock to fresh pasture every one to three days. Herds of beef and flocks of sheep are never fed corn, nor are they given antibiotics or hormones. Their diet consists of legumes, warm and cool-season grasses, and forbs, as well as mineral provided by kelp and sea salt. The constant movement of livestock mimics that of wild buffalo herds, which benefits pastures by allowing them to rest for a periods of 30 - 60 days. Meat-chickens and laying-hens receive a ration of non-GMO grain, while grazing pasture daily.


When you buy our grass-fed beef, lamb and other meats, you enjoy the same foods our grandparents thrived on and our children deserve. Grass-fed foods contain higher nutrient value (Omega-Three Fatty Acids, conjugated linoleic acids, beta carotene, vitamins A + B, Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium) than feedlot beef and lamb. They are also lower in saturated fats and omega-six fatty acids. Nutrients in our meats do not come from a grain wagon, but from the sun, grasses, and soil of our land. Grass-fed products are not exposed to herbicide residues, such as Roundup; they are a far cleaner and healthier food than grain-fed meats. For more information about nutritional benefits of grass-fed products, see


Grass-fed foods generate a positive environmental impact because they rely on the sun and grazing-management to grow, rather than on petrochemicals and fossil fuels. The grazing system we employ creates its own fertilizer by building organic matter in the soil. In doing so, it pulls carbon and water from the atmosphere and stores it in the ground, offsetting pollutants.  


Grassroots Farm & Foods produces beef, lamb, pork, chicken, eggs, and prepared foods for sale in Cynthiana, Ohio – approximately 85 miles east of Cincinnati and south of Columbus. It is located in the legendary and biodiverse Beech Flats of Pike County. We operate independently from the industrial food system, delivering food directly to you through drop-off locations and farmers markets. We invite you to visit this beautiful farm and develop an ongoing relationship with its animals, land, and people.


We offer delicious Prepared Foods,
for easy cooking, 
created in Susan's Soulful Kitchen


Prepared foods certified
by the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture, Division of Food Safety


We offer a full array of frozen meats, 
from our pastures,
ideal for both fast and slow cooking: 

100% grassfed, Red Devon beef
100% grassfed, Katahdin lamb
Pastured Cornish-cross chicken
Pastured eggs
Berkshire woodlot pork 


In addition to prime cuts and packaged prepared foods, we sell discounted bulk meats, offering great value. These includes wholes, sides, and quarters of beef; wholes and sides of lamb; wholes and sides of pork; and whole chickens. Bulk meat is available by packaged weight. Whole beef is also available by hanging weight, typically picked up by the customer at the processor in Wellston, Ohio.